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7 in 10 Brits looking to job switch in 2019


Almost seven in ten (69%) of UK workers are hoping to move jobs in 2019, meaning that this year could be extremely busy for the recruitment industry.

Research from totaljobs found that two-thirds (69%) of UK employees say that they don't see themselves in their current role next Christmas, a 3% increase on December 2017.

Martin Talbot, Group Marketing Director at totaljobs, said the research suggests 2018 has been another difficult year for the majority of UK employees. He said:

“Those feeling disenfranchised with their current package will find it increasingly difficult to motivate themselves to carry out their role and this can pose real challenges for employers.”

“Recruitment is a cost to any business. Totaljobs research shows that the average new hire earns £1,581 more than their new colleagues operating at the same level. As such savvy employers would be wise to explore every possible avenue when it comes to holding onto their best and brightest.”

As such, now might be the perfect time to try to snap up a few new clients, as well as collating the details of those looking for a new challenge.

Additionally, the researchers noted a growing trend of employees using company time to look for alternative roles. Today’s figures show that 55% of employees admit looking for a new role during working hours, a marked increase on the 50% who admitted doing so in 2017.

Source: Apple News

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