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Employee Wellness - here to stay!


Wellness is a word that seems to have become mainstream over the past year or so, across all aspects of our lives which therefore must include the workplace. At the time of year when many New Years fads are about is this concept just another short-lived craze, or something that employers need to take seriously?

Employee wellbeing is something that all companies should be thinking about, so it should be argued that wellness therefore is a trend or thought-process for HR departments or management to consider the whole year round. A member of staff doesn’t want to be just stuck at their desk all day generally, so if there are ways that employers can help make the workplace pleasant then it should benefit both the workers and the company through the increased job satisfaction and productivity from the happier staff.

We know that working hours are not just the 9-5 anymore, with overtime and longer hours expected in many industries. If the workplace offers some flexibility and a range of facilities to make the working time better for their staff, then going into the office each need not feel so much of a chore. There are some fun perks or facilities out in the workplace that are well documented – the inclusion of office slides or beanbag areas for example – and it is becoming something that is used more as a candidate attraction tool as well as retention.

Having a pleasant working environment has never been more important, and the public perception of the company, and what it is like to work there, is something that is becoming more of a priority to those in the job hunt. The market is highly competitive, and in order to attract and then retain the top staff a company must be able to stand out from their peers in offering what the employees themselves actually want.

Employee wellness can include everything from how a building is laid out to what amenities are on offer for rest periods, and technology is a key factor when considering what staff want. A poor internet connection is one of the biggest frustrations employees voice, and it also of course affects overall productivity as a business! Some offices over gym memberships, cycle storage, shower facilities and the like – listening to what the staff want and, where able, supporting these desires really does make a difference to employee motivation and satisfaction. The health benefits are of course present as well, which again provides commercial benefits as well as to the individuals.

Employee wellness is not something that is going away, and nor should it. Forward thinking businesses are recognising that the world of work needs to keep up with that outside, and that providing amenities and perks that benefit their staff will also benefit themselves. The more a company can help to reduce the stress of their employees, the better they will find themselves able to attract and retain the best workers out there. Why wouldn’t you do this?!

Just remember; wellness is for life – not just a New Year’s resolution.

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